The Coalition has five main goals this year

Goal #1: Advocacy

Identify members in targeted geographic areas (including local law enforcement) to faciliate success through school-based teen traffic safety programs.
Identify partnerships and increase number of scheduled school presentations

Goal #2: Advocacy

Promote existing traffic safety resources to teens, parents and community members.
Formalize a distribution network for disseminating teen and parent education programs and tools

Goal #3: Advocacy

Sustainability of CA Coalition.
Increase coverage through use of volunteers in civic groups and teen leadership groups with efforts funded through available sources

Goal #4: Education

Build an infrastructure to support and emphasize teen safe driving practices including GDL.
Develop structured processes, available resources and approved programs for community use

Goal #5: Enforcement

Engage three law enforcement agencies to pilot mobile device enforcement around high schools.
Increase number of agency resources to utilize in education efforts