Texas Coalition

We are a Coalition of more than 100 individuals and organizations committed to helping teens leverage the proven principles of Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL). We are affiliated with state and local government, law enforcement and public health agencies, traffic safety and injury prevention organizations, schools, universities and businesses. We’re also teens, parents and crash victims.

While teen crashes and fatalities had fallen to record lows in Texas and nationwide, rates began to grow again in 2015. Our goal is zero – no crashes, injuries or fatalities. Ensuring that teens survive their most dangerous driving years is not just the responsibility of parents, police and school officials, but every citizen. Working collectively, our Coalition members are implementing teen safe driving initiatives to focus on 3 top factors contributing to teen crashes in Texas: speed, inattention and seat belt use.

Led by Russell Henk, Program Director of Teens in the Driver's Seat, our Coalition is working collaboratively to effect change in Texas. We invite you to learn about Coalition initiatives and to join us. There are no monthly meetings or membership dues; your only obligation is to help spread the word about GDL.