Practice Driving with your Teen Sticker Campaign 

More than 14 types of fast-food establishments totaling 60 across the state distributed 28,500 stickers with customer receipts on March 18, 2015. The Coalition is set to reprise the sticker campaign in 2016, with the goal of reaching a wider audience (60,000), to include civic organization participants and driving school clients.  

Parent Initiative

This 2016 campaign has 3 levels of engagement: (1) distribution of a bilingual brochure which focuses on the GDL law in Texas, and a brochure to invite parents and teens to learn about GDL; (2) offering existing groups of parents 5-minute presentations with the most critical steps parents can take to help keep their new teen drivers safe; and (3) facilitating “Steer Your Teen Down the Right Road” presentations, for download at or by thumb drive.   

Teen Initiative

Teen members of the Coalition, working with leaders in schools and through the Texas Department of Transportation, have taken the lead in reaching peers on the importance of teen safe driving in 2016. Steps include presentations to school boards, to other high schools, to parents and teens, using PowerPoints, handouts, word-of-mouth, social media and more regarding distracted driving. Teen leaders’ advice: When events – like National Night Out or Carnivals – happen, and there's an opportunity to present, make it fun. A presentation example: Students played the song “Red Solo Cup” and offered teens red Solo cups full of root beer. The cup became a prop to suggest to the group, “At your next party, when handed one of these, think twice before filling it with something life threatening.”

Safety Poster Contest

Students created posters in 2015 to encourage peers to be safe on the road, using the proven principles of Graduated Driver Licensing as guidelines. Students won grants for their schools and became eligible to display their work on the website. 

Anti-Crash Bash 

The Coalition hosts a biennial Anti-Crash Bash bringing together members, community and outside resources for a one-day event focused on reducing teen crashes in Texas. The Dell Diamond hosted the 2014 Bash during a Round Rock Express baseball game. The event reached 350 people who attended the Bash in addition to the game attendees who heard the PSA.  It also engaged 28 volunteers and 13 different safe driving organizations.  A venue in North Texas has proposed a 2016 event in June. Visit this page often for updates!

Medical Provider Packets 

The Coalition offers this free digital resource to help coaches and adult advisors partner with teens and their parents to promote greater understanding of and adherence to the provisions of the GDL program. The 4-page document includes an overview of how and why GDL works; suggestions for engaging athletes, parents and fans; and a sample code of conduct.

GDL Game Plan for Coaches

The GDL Game Plan for Coaches is a vehicle for high school and recreational or travel league coaches to hold an open dialog with athletes about enforcing and adhering to GDL laws in their state. The 4-page document includes an overview of how and why the New York GDL program works; offers suggestions for engaging athletes, parents and fans; outlines a sample code of conduct; and lists online resources. Information for coaches, athletes and parents about the Coaches Game Plan – including sample text for a GDL Student-Athlete Code of Conduct. The PDFs are available for download below.

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